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Rule Book by Casemaker

Download Once. Use Anywhere.

“I’m very impressed by what this app can do.”  – iPhone J.D.

“What helps set rulebook apart from its competition is the fact that you can treat it like you would a paper version of the rules. You can highlight sections (there are a few different highlight colors to choose from), make notes on sections, and bookmark sections …”  – Third Apple

“Rulebook is well worth picking up and using.”  – MacLitigator

  • Mobile access to your State and Federal Court Rules

  • Exclusive mobile provider of The Bluebook®

  • Download your content and access it offline

  • Special pricing for Casemaker users

Using your court rules and other legal authorities has never been easier. Download the Rulebook™ app and some of our free books (Federal Rules of Evidence, U.S. Constitution, etc.) and discover for yourself why the editors of The Bluebook®, A Uniform System of Citation®* and other leading publishers have chosen Rulebook to be the exclusive mobile publishing platform for their respective works. 

Now, with one app, you can access The Bluebook® and other leading copyrighted works, along with all your continuously updated federal and state court rules. Take all the rules you have downloaded anywhere you go and quickly access them without the need for an internet connection. 

With Rulebook™ you can:

  • Search your entire library by key words or phrases.
  • Touch any word to highlight, take notes, copy, print, and/or bookmark any amount of text.
  • Navigate easily from rule to rule by swiping the screen or jumping to the rule using the active table of contents feature.
  • Keep multiple rules and authorities open at once and toggle easily back and forth between authorities.
  • Double tap anywhere in a rule to identify immediately what subsection of the rule you are viewing for easy citation.
  • Jump directly to cited internal and external sources through active hyperlinks.
  • Enjoy having all your content automatically kept up to date without losing any of your highlights, notes or bookmarks through Rulebook’s proprietary update tool.

*The trademark and copyright in the Bluebook® are jointly owned by the Columbia Law Review Association, Inc., the Harvard Law Review Association, the University of Pennsylvania Law Review, and The Yale Law Journal Company, Inc., used under license.

Rules can be purchased:

  • by book at the price listed;
  • by jurisdiction bundle (e.g., Alabama, etc.) at a 25% discount*;
  • by custom bundle for individual users at the following percentages*:
    • 5 rules – 5% off
    • 7 rules – 10% off
    • 10 rules – 15% off
    • 15 rules – 20% off
  • By custom bundle for law firms, court systems, government agencies, and other large organizations.  For enterprise pricing, please call 1-844-838-0790, or fill out this form to receive a call back.

Casemaker users receive a 15% discount after all other discounts have been applied.

*Discounts do not apply to copyrighted materials, such as The Bluebook®; however, copyrighted materials count toward the number of books needed for volume discounts.

  1. If you don’t already have Rulebook loaded on your mobile device, download and install it free, either from Apple’s App Store or Google Play (coming soon).
  2. Use the credentials entered (email and password) when purchasing your rules on this website to log into the app.
  3. At this point you should see the rules you purchased downloading automatically.   You may cancel the download for any book that has not already started to download and it can be restarted later.
  4. After the download is complete click the home icon to access the books you have installed.

Casemaker users automatically receive a 15% discount on all Rulebook purchases. Simply add your materials to the cart on Rulebook Libra and complete the checkout process to receive your discount. Materials purchased via the Rulebook Libra site can either be viewed online using the Rulebook Libra website or downloaded to the Rulebook App for offline access on your mobile device.

“I LOVE IT! I have a case right now where the cemetery buried the body in the wrong plot! Case is on point and still good law, sending them the demand now! Didn’t know what I was going to do with this case. Thank you so much for being a part of the State Bar of Texas.”

B. Gregory • Port Neches, Texas

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