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Every day, Casemaker’s attorney editors summarize appellate decisions for the state and federal circuits and categorize them by topic, enabling you to monitor the latest developments in your area of interest.

Whether browsing Case Digest as part of your Casemaker4 subscription or receiving it via email or RSS feed, you can filter your search by practice area(s), jurisdiction, court, or even by judge, limiting your results to only the most relevant decisions.  Use Case Digest to stay ahead of the competition.

Be extra confident in your work product by checking the citations in your briefs, pleadings and other documents! Simply upload your Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, plain text or searchable PDF document, and Citecheck will analyze every citation, providing you with a report of good law, negative treatments, and potential citation format errors.

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Casemaker’s negative citator, CaseCheck+, rivals the citator functionality found on the leading high cost legal research systems, enabling you to know instantly if the case you’re reading is still good law. 

CaseCheck+ returns negative treatments instantly as you research. You can link to negative treatments and quickly review the citation history for both state and federal cases. CaseCheck+ works seamlessly to identify whether or not a case has been treated negatively by subsequent cases. If there is no negative treatment you will see a green thumbs up (thumbs up icon). If there is negative treatment you will see a red thumbs down (thumbs down icon).

List of negative treatments Casemaker CaseCheck+ provides:

The cited case has been rendered invalid due to a statutory change

Abrogated in part
A particular holding or finding of the cited case has been rendered invalid due to a statutory change

Certiorari Granted
A writ of certiorari has been granted for the cited case

The citing case specifically explains or clarifies the holding of the cited case

Conflicted / Criticized
The citing case criticizes a holding or precedential value of the cited case

The cited case has been withdrawn from publication

See Criticized

The citing case has rejected a holding or reasoning in the cited case

The citing case grants further appeal in the cited case

The citing case restricts the scope or applicability of the cited case

The citing case modifies the cited case

Ordered Depublished
The court has withdrawn the decision from publication

The citing case explicitly overrules or disapproves the cited case

Overruled in Part
The citing case explicitly overrules or disapproves some portion of the cited case

The citing case determines that the cited case lacks continuing validity as precedent

Rehearing Granted
An order to rehear has been granted for the cited case

The citing case reverses the judgment of the cited case

Review Granted
An order for appellate review has been granted for the cited case

See Modified

A statute supersedes a point of law in the cited case

The citing case renders the lower court’s judgment null and void

The citing case withdraws the cited decision or order

“I just wanted to say thank you for developing CasemakerPro. It is user friendly and the feature enabling the user to check whether or not case law is still “good” is fantastic. Also, the ability to search within your search allows the user to quickly narrow their search.”

J. Jarecki • Nebraska Attorney

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