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Casemaker Libra® is a searchable library of secondary materials such as treatises, practice guides, coursebooks, deskbooks, and CLE publications, collected from professional associations and other publishers, and linked directly to the Casemaker4 research system. As you search primary law collections on Casemaker4, you may access secondary materials related to your search as well.

Access to Casemaker Libra is by annual subscription. (No physical print publications will be delivered.) The following subscription options are available:

  • An “All Publication” collection containing all material in a particular publisher’s library. A subscription to an “All-Publications” collection includes online access to all supplements, new editions, new titles, and selected CLE course materials released by a publisher during the term of the subscription.
  • A Practice Area collection containing all of a publisher’s titles specific to an area of practice. A practice area subscription includes online access to the aforementioned materials pertaining to that practice area released by a publisher during the term of the subscription.
  • An individual publication within a publisher’s collection.

All books and materials in Casemaker Libra have been enhanced with links to citations for cases, statutes, acts, administrative codes, etc. on Casemaker4. Full-text searching is available across Casemaker4 databases and all publications included in your Casemaker Libra subscription. Users without access to Casemaker4 via a bar membership or private subscription will still be able to view the Casemaker4 document associated with a linked citation in Libra. In other words, you need not be a Casemaker4 user to be a Libra user and still access citation links to Casemaker4. However, Casemaker4 users have the following advantages:

  • Leased books are made available in Casemaker via the “My Libra Books” page
  • Searches on Casemaker include results from your leased books as well as all Libra books
  • Citation links from Libra to Casemaker result in full access to all Casemaker features (non-Casemaker users can only view the single document requested)

“Wow, thank you. I never expected this level of service. Now I know we should stick with Casemaker!”

L. Hamilton • Eatonton, Georgia

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