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Casemaker’s extensive Federal library includes the following coverage:

  • Supreme Court cases, all

  • Circuit Courts of Appeals, all

  • District Court cases, all

  • Bankruptcy Court cases, all

  • U.S. Code, including archived versions

  • Public laws 1989 to current

  • Federal Court Rules, including archived versions

  • Code of Federal Regulations, including archived versions

  • The Federal Register

  • U.S. Constitution

  • Federal Sentencing Guidelines Manual

  • Federal Rules Decisions from 1940

  •  Board of Immigrations Appeals from 1955

  • Longshoreman & Harbor Workers Compensation Decisions

  • Court of Appeals – Armed Forces from 1975

  • Court of Appeals – Veterans Claims from 2001

  • Court of Claims cases from 1997

  • Court of International Trade from 1999

  • Tax Court Decisions from 1940

  • Patent Decisions

  • Trademark Decisions

  • Black Lung Cases

  • Department of Energy from 1977

  • Federal Communications Commission from 1997

  • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission from 2002

  • Federal Labor Relations Authority from 2009

  • Internal Revenue Service Rulings from 1954

  • Internal Revenue Bulletins from 2008

  • National Labor Relations Board Decisions

  • National Transportation Safety Board Decisions from 2000

“Casemaker services are better than Westlaw and Lexis Nexis and I like the fact that the bar has given us this service so that I don’t have to spend a fortune on research subscriptions. My office got rid of our Westlaw books. The nearest law library is a 300 mile round trip for us and now we no longer need to take time out of our week to go there. Our court allows attorneys to bring their laptops in and I research cases on Casemaker from the courtroom now.”

G. Connell • South Carolina Attorney

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