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Casemaker® Announces Member Access To AI Tool Vincent

Expanded Partnership With vLex Includes Free Trial, Special Pricing

Chicago, IL, March 12, 2019 Casemaker today announced an expanded partnership with global legal research provider vLex that will give members of the Casemaker Bar Association Consortium access to vLex’s industry leading intelligent legal research assistant, Vincent. The announcement was made at the 2019 Chief Staff Executives Retreat of the National Association of Bar Executives in Chicago.

Built on top of vLex’s cloud-based data platform Iceberg, Vincent is the only Artificial Intelligence tool that can simultaneously analyze documents in two languages (English and Spanish), across multiple jurisdictions, as well as public sources, licensed databases such as Casemaker, and a firm’s internal knowledge management resources.

“We’re thrilled to announce this next step in our partnership with vLex,” said Sarah Gorman, Chief Operating Officer at Casemaker. “Members of our consortium bar associations will greatly benefit from the ability to go beyond traditional keyword or Boolean search into a more robust contextual search that begins with Casemaker’s rich content and is accelerated by artificial intelligence.”

Users of Casemaker4, the next generation legal research platform that is currently in beta testing, will enjoy one-click access to Vincent. Members of Casemaker Consortium Bar Associations will be entitled to a one-week free trial of Vincent, as well as an exclusive 50% discount off first year pricing.

“This is an exciting time for vLex,” shared Lluis Faus, CEO. “By creating this direct pathway from Casemaker4 to Vincent, hundreds of thousands of U.S. attorneys will now have the ability to tap into the power of AI at unprecedented scale.”

Under the terms of an existing agreement, vLex users will continue to receive access to Casemaker’s full collection of U.S. federal and 50-state primary law content. Likewise, Casemaker4 users will retain the ability to search databases of international legal materials provided by vLex.

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About Casemaker: Casemaker provides attorneys with affordable access to high quality legal research. Available for free to members of almost 30 bar associations, and to non-members at a fraction of the cost charged by “premium” providers, the Casemaker legal research system outperformed other low cost legal research providers in recent third party testing. For details, go to For more information, please visit Casemaker is a division of Lawriter®, LLC.

About vLex: vLex delivers Your World of Legal Intelligence through personalization, global coverage, and artificial intelligence. Hundreds of thousands of clients of all sizes and millions of users around the world rely on vLex to address their research and legal technology needs. Our team of over 120 lawyers, engineers and editorial experts apply the power of our Iceberg AI cloud-based data hub to ingest, enrich, classify and deliver the insights contained in over 100 million legal documents from 2,000+ multilingual and multi-legal system global sources. Our intuitive platforms, tailored to the geographic, topical and functional need of our clients are powered by leading global innovations and the latest in machine learning advances, aided in 9 countries (soon to be 20) by the world’s only English/Spanish bilingual intelligent legal assistant, Vincent. With Global headquarters split between Miami, U.S.A. and Barcelona, Spain the vLex team also has executive, customer support and engineering teams in Canada, Mexico and throughout Latin America.